Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Review Sphere

Alrighty so if you are serious about weight loss, and really want to shed the pounds check out this site it´s a great site where you can check out the latest reviews on weight loss products.

Now, off topic, I had some one tell me I make to many spelling mistakes in my blog and that even the main page on the blog "actually loosing weight" there was a spelling mistake...well if any one is offended by my spelling mistakes...tough.  And the reason the title of the blog is loosing and not losing is that "losing" was already taken.

In any case, just thought I´d comment on that.  I´ve noticed that my blog has had a surprising amount of traffic.  I guess it´s partly because I don´t push the products on the site to zealously, perhaps I should, but it´s just not my style.  I always say if people are going to buy something, they will...doesn´t really matter what any one tells them, they will in the end make up there own minds.

Once again for those that are interested the website is

Totally off topic, I´ve been looking into something called Reiki, not sure how many are familiar with it...but it seems to be something gaining a lot of traction on the web and in the natural health field.  If you´d like check out this posting on some information on Reiki.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

How Long?????

So many weight loss programs offer incredible results in short periods of time.  But really what´s a realistic amount of time, one should dedicate to a weight loss program before seeing some actual results?  That´s a really tough question to answer.  Everyone is different, so the time some one has to weight really depends on the genetic make up of each individual.

Don´t get caught up in the hype when you see some one offering you a product, or guide that will help you lose weight in a dramaticly short time frame.  It´s just not realistic, and in my opinion not healthy. 



31 days I think is a reasonable amount of  time for one to see results.  This program has proven to be one of the more effective ones on the net.


14 days to me seems a little unrealistic, however this plan has gotten some of the top reviews, the writter has even been featured on ESPN.  Worth a try in my opinion.


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Pa What?...Paleo

Ok so I reviewed some Paleo products in my first post and it seems like this diet is really getting some traction.  I´m glad to see that so many people are interested in lossing weight by eating right, and not by trying to take some magic pill to lose the weight.
Paleo is a great weigh to lose weight, as you get to eat!  The food on this diet is very tasty.  I´m a very picky eatier and would kill myself if some one told me that the only thing I could eat are salads or drink special liquids to lose weight.  I find this is probably the best method to lose weight as the recipes are easy to follow, and most use ingredients that most people have in there kitchen already.
I find that wih a lot of wieght loss recipes and programs one has to go out and buy strange spices or strange ingredients (strange to me anyways).


This is by far the most complete guide/recipe plan available on the net.  If you really want to dive into this, by far this is the best bang for your buck product available.

A much shorter guide, but has some great recipes...there´s a chicken recipe on here that is to die for! page 34 I think it is.


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Saturday, September 22, 2012


Some people don´t have the patience to lose weight.  They don´t want to get into a program that could take weeks if not months to see some results.  The reality is that when some one wants to lose weight, the healthiest ways to do so are often the ones that take longest.

But the reality is that some people usually women (sorry but am I wrong here?) just don´t have the patience to follow weight loss programs that take longer than a month to see results.  Usually...(not always) women want to see the weight drop off fast!  probably there´s a class reunion, a wedding or some sort of special occasion that women are planning for and need to look there best and want to lose weight and they want to lose weight NOW!

With that in mind, these products below are healthy and have quick results.












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Friday, September 21, 2012

Take Care Of Yourself

Just because people are fatter than ever before, doesn´t mean that they don´t care about there looks.  With so much pressure in the media, constantly bombarding us with pictures of super skinny super fit people, there is so much pressure for people to lose weight and to enter weight loss programs, there is a risk that some may develope eating disorders.
One of the most popular eating disorders out there is Bulimia.  One website describes Bulimia in this way "Bulimia is characterized by episodes of secretive excessive eating (bingeing) followed by inappropriate methods of weight control, such as self-induced vomiting (purging), abuse of laxatives and diuretics, or excessive exercise".  

Some shocking statistics that even left me speachless!


Bulimia is estimated to affect between 3% of all women in the U.S. at some point in their lifetime. About 6% of teen girls and 5% of college-aged females are believed to suffer from bulimia. These numbers are somewhat lower than earlier estimates of the prevlance of bulimia due to the precise criteria now established for the diagnosis (see below). Approximately 10% of identified bulimic patients are men. Bulimics are also susceptible to other compulsions, affective disorders, or addictions. Twenty to 40% of women with bulimia also have a history of problems related to drug or alcohol use, suggesting that many affected women may have difficulties with control of behavioral impulses.

Eventhough weight loss and losing weight is a topic on every one´s mind and in the media, we still need to be very carefull in the methods we use.  If you know anyone who is suffering from this disorder, I encourage you to check out the may save some one´s life. 
















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Worth It?

I´ve decided to review a few more products on the web.  This one is a little different, I´ve decided to review them based on cost/results/effectiveness.  As I´ve always mentioned there are tons of weight loss programs out there...and I mean tons.  Seems like everyone wants to capitalize on the "fatness" of people lol.

Some programs and some guides out there are very expensive, some are good and some are straight out copy´s of other programs.  I don´t know how some people get away with just copying other methods and then claiming them as there own.  In any case here are in my opinion the best "bang for your buck" weight loss programs out there.  Grab a sandwich and have a look. 



For the full program it´s only $39.99usd and does come with a 60 money back gaurantee.  Always nice to know that if you don´t loose weight with this you can get your money back.  Also accepts paypal so should make the refund process much more seamless.


This one is awesome and I mean awesome, they have way to many different options.  You can basically cherry pick the programs you want to participate in, and the best part is they give you tons of free...that´s right FREE information on losing weight and weight loss.


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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

Was just chatting with a buddy on msn and he was telling me about this other program he tried out.  It´s called Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle.  He says it´s a good system, he´s been on it for about two weeks now and has lost 9lbs.

I should mention that in my opinion he doesn´t need to lose weight so him loosing 9lbs is like an overweight or obese person loosing 20lbs.

They have some pictures on there site that I´m suspicious of, but my buddy says this system does actually work.  Does also claim that he´s got more energy now and with that extra energy he´s going to the gym often to sculp his body.

It´s worth at least to listen to the video