Thursday, September 20, 2012

Paleo Diet

Seems like there is an endless number of diets and diet plans out there.  Every week...scratch that everyday some new expert, some new doctor or nutritionsist claims to have discovered a new form to lose weight.  The Paleo Diet has been getting lots of transaction lately.  Some claims they´re making if you follow the diet are:

  • Permanently free yourself from acne
  • Improve your athletic performance
  • Slow progression of an autoimmune disease
  • Enjoy a longer, healthier, more active life
  • Lose weight without dieting and exercise,
  • Reduce or eliminate your risk of diseases, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes 
 Some good guides on the web on the Paleo Diet, here are my personal rankings from 1-10.

Not Just Another Recipe Book. It Also Includes Strategies For Planning, Preparing, And Packing Easy, Filling, & Delicious Workday Meals. Rank: 9

Complete Cook Book and guides, probably the most complete guide if you want to follow this diet and see if it really works.  Rank: 10 

Guide for smoothies, not much of a cook book, nor is it a guide...but dam I love me some smoothies! Rank: 15 (the extra 5 are for my love of smoothies) 


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  1. I´d probably check this one out as well...looks very promising.