Thursday, September 20, 2012

Are We To Believe?

Sitting here...looking at all these weight loss websites, weight loss programs and one thing just keeps popping out at me.
Check out this link...

Eat Stop Eat

Now I can´t comment on the program as I haven´t tried it, but notice the pictures?  Now this site isn´t the only site that´s guilty of this.  But are we to believe that if we try there diet plan we´re going to have such drastic resluts?  I mean if I was to have my own weight loss program on the web I wouldn´t use such exagerated pictures and supposed results.
It´s more than obvious that these results, if in fact they are results, are drastic and that whatever diet the people in the pictures are trying they are going to the gym and exercising regularly.  I´m not saying it´s a bad thing to exercise, but if your going to post such drastic results at least have the balls to say "results are from diet and from exercise" and I suspect that the results are so favorable mostly because of the work these people are doing in the gym and not from these independant diets.  These are two good programs on exercise, I don´t have first hand knowledge on this but a fellow blogger has given me some insight.


Got tired just looking at the advertisement.  Looks like a real challenge.


Has basically all the exercises you can do with dumbells, great if you don´t want to go to the gym and want to work out from home.


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