Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Review Sphere

Alrighty so if you are serious about weight loss, and really want to shed the pounds check out this site it´s a great site where you can check out the latest reviews on weight loss products.

Now, off topic, I had some one tell me I make to many spelling mistakes in my blog and that even the main page on the blog "actually loosing weight" there was a spelling mistake...well if any one is offended by my spelling mistakes...tough.  And the reason the title of the blog is loosing and not losing is that "losing" was already taken.

In any case, just thought I´d comment on that.  I´ve noticed that my blog has had a surprising amount of traffic.  I guess it´s partly because I don´t push the products on the site to zealously, perhaps I should, but it´s just not my style.  I always say if people are going to buy something, they will...doesn´t really matter what any one tells them, they will in the end make up there own minds.

Once again for those that are interested the website is

Totally off topic, I´ve been looking into something called Reiki, not sure how many are familiar with it...but it seems to be something gaining a lot of traction on the web and in the natural health field.  If you´d like check out this posting on some information on Reiki.

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