Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pa What?...Paleo

Ok so I reviewed some Paleo products in my first post and it seems like this diet is really getting some traction.  I´m glad to see that so many people are interested in lossing weight by eating right, and not by trying to take some magic pill to lose the weight.
Paleo is a great weigh to lose weight, as you get to eat!  The food on this diet is very tasty.  I´m a very picky eatier and would kill myself if some one told me that the only thing I could eat are salads or drink special liquids to lose weight.  I find this is probably the best method to lose weight as the recipes are easy to follow, and most use ingredients that most people have in there kitchen already.
I find that wih a lot of wieght loss recipes and programs one has to go out and buy strange spices or strange ingredients (strange to me anyways).


This is by far the most complete guide/recipe plan available on the net.  If you really want to dive into this, by far this is the best bang for your buck product available.

A much shorter guide, but has some great recipes...there´s a chicken recipe on here that is to die for! page 34 I think it is.


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