Friday, September 21, 2012

Worth It?

I´ve decided to review a few more products on the web.  This one is a little different, I´ve decided to review them based on cost/results/effectiveness.  As I´ve always mentioned there are tons of weight loss programs out there...and I mean tons.  Seems like everyone wants to capitalize on the "fatness" of people lol.

Some programs and some guides out there are very expensive, some are good and some are straight out copy´s of other programs.  I don´t know how some people get away with just copying other methods and then claiming them as there own.  In any case here are in my opinion the best "bang for your buck" weight loss programs out there.  Grab a sandwich and have a look. 



For the full program it´s only $39.99usd and does come with a 60 money back gaurantee.  Always nice to know that if you don´t loose weight with this you can get your money back.  Also accepts paypal so should make the refund process much more seamless.


This one is awesome and I mean awesome, they have way to many different options.  You can basically cherry pick the programs you want to participate in, and the best part is they give you tons of free...that´s right FREE information on losing weight and weight loss.


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